Get Krack!n - Netflix

Wed 26 June 2019

Each morning the Kates will shuffle through a roster of unsafe demonstrations, surly guests, underprepared experts and the over-lit decomposition of the duo's already rocky relationship. McLennan and McCartney will leave no cultural touchstone unturned, even though they are in no capacity qualified to speak on them, or on anything for that matter.

As always, neither of the women has any sense of on-camera technique; while McCartney's Daria-esque enthusiasm is a total mis-match to the bright and breezy format, McLennan's hosting is imbued with a fetid air of desperation. The show should be McCartney and McLennan's big break, but like any televisual format that the Kates put their rough, manly hands to, things on Get Krack!n will go downhill fast.

Get Krack!n - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-08-30

Get Krack!n - The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Netflix

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an Australian television series that premiered on ABC TV on 1 February 2013 at 8:30 pm. The series stars Craig McLachlan in the lead role of Doctor Lucien Blake, who returns home to Ballarat, northwest of Melbourne, in the late 1950s to take over his late father's general medical practice and role as police surgeon after an absence of 30 years. Five series aired as of 2017, with a telemovie scheduled to close the program at the completion of the fifth season. In October 2017, the Seven Network announced they acquired production rights for 2018. Producers later announced production would be suspended pending outcome of the police investigation of the sexual assault allegations directed at Craig McLachlan. He was cleared of the charges. In April 2018, Seven Network announced a series of telemovies including all the present cast except Craig McLachlan.

Get Krack!n - Cast - Netflix

Craig McLachlan as Doctor Lucien Blake Nadine Garner as Jean Beazley Cate Wolfe as Matilda “Mattie” O'Brien (Series 1–4.2) Joel Tobeck as Chief Superintendent (later Chief Inspector) Matthew Lawson (Series 1–4.1, 5.1–) Rick Donald as Constable (later Sergeant) Daniel Parks (Series 1, 5) Sara Gleeson as Joy McDonald (Series 1–2.1) Charlie Cousins as Constable (later Sergeant) Charlie Davis (Series 2–) Belinda McClory as Alice Harvey (Series 2–) John Wood as Patrick Tyneman (Series 1–5) Craig Hall as Chief Supt William Munro (Series 3, 5) John Stanton as Douglas Ashby (Series 1–3) Neil Pigot as Major Derek Alderton (Series 1, 4) David Whiteley as Sergeant Bill Hobart Ian Rooney as Cec Drury Lee Beckhurst as Edward Tyneman (Series 1–5) Rodger Corser as Chief Supt Frank Carlyle (Series 4) Anna McGahan as Rose Anderson (Series 4–) Ling-Hsueh Tang as Mei Lin Blake (Series 4)

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