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Mon 24 June 2019

Equityis set in the cutthroat world of investment banking. It centers on Naomi Bishop — played in the movie by Anna Gunn — a Wall Street banker who is navigating a world where big money and high-power reign, and women have yet to break the glass ceiling. With an aggressive prosecutor on her heels, and a strained relationship with an ambitious junior executive, Naomi is forced to reexamine the male dominated world in which she lives.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

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A court of equity, equity court or chancery court is a court that is authorized to apply principles of equity, as opposed to 'law', to cases brought before it. These courts began with petitions to the Lord Chancellor of England. Equity courts “handled lawsuits and petitions requesting remedies other than damages, such as writs, injunctions, and specific performance”. Most were eventually “merged with courts of law”. Some states in the early republic of the United States followed the English tradition of maintaining separate courts for law and equity. Others, however, vested their courts with both types of jurisdiction, as Congress did with respect to the federal courts. United States bankruptcy courts are the one example of US federal courts which operate as courts of equity. Some common law jurisdictions—such as the U.S. states of Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Tennessee—preserve the distinctions between law and equity and between courts of law and courts of equity.

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Court of Chancery Court of Chancery (Ireland) Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Durham and Sadberge Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Lancaster Court of Requests Court of the Star Chamber Delaware Court of Chancery Exchequer of Pleas Michigan Court of Chancery New York Court of Chancery

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