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Fri 28 June 2019

Parshall, North Dakota, the smallest of small town America, is about to strike it rich by striking oil. BOOMTOWN is a documentary series that tells the tale of a struggling town that has put its fate into the hands of Big Oil.

Boomtown - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-29

Boomtown - Boomtown - Netflix

A boomtown is a community that undergoes sudden and rapid population and economic growth, or that is started from scratch. The growth is normally attributed to the nearby discovery of a precious resource such as gold, silver, or oil, although the term can also be applied to communities growing very rapidly for different reasons, such as a proximity to a major metropolitan area, huge construction project, or attractive climate.

Boomtown - United States - Netflix

Atlanta, Georgia (rapidly rebuilt and became a commercial center in the years following the Civil War) Atlantic City, New Jersey resort boomtown, 1870-1940 Basic City, Virginia, railroads and mining, 1880s-1900s Beaumont, Texas, oil Belleville, California, gold-mining boomtown, 1860–1870 Birmingham, Alabama, coal and iron ore, 1880s Bodie, California Borger, Texas Burkburnett, Texas Butte, Montana, copper and other resources Caldwell, Kansas Central City, Colorado Chicago, Illinois, railroads, commodity resources, business Cincinnati, Ohio, trade, shipping Colstrip, Montana Columbia, California Cripple Creek, Colorado Deadwood, South Dakota Denver, Colorado Desdemona, Texas Detroit, Michigan rise of the automobile industry, 1910-1950 Dodge City, Kansas El Paso, Texas Elkhart, Indiana recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industry Ellsworth, Kansas Endicott, New York (shoe manufacturing boomtown, 1900s-1920s) Evanston, Illinois Fairbanks, Alaska, during the Klondike Gold Rush and the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Gary, Indiana, steel Gillette, Wyoming Goldfield, Nevada Graysonia, Arkansas Guthrie, Oklahoma, oil Hancock, Michigan Harrisburg, Illinois Houghton, Michigan Humble, Texas Jeffrey City, Wyoming Kilgore, Texas La Paz, Arizona, gold-mining boomtown, 1862–1864 Leadville, Colorado Minneapolis, Minnesota Lumber Industry 1852-1880 Newport, Wisconsin, sprang up because of a bridge expected to be built across the Wisconsin River there New Bedford, Massachusetts, whaling Nome, Alaska Odessa, Texas, oil Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, steel, trade Richland, Washington Rochester, New York, starting in the 1820s, with the opening of the Erie Canal Sacramento, California St. Joseph, Florida San Francisco, California, US settlement after winning Mexican War Salt Lake City San Luis, Arizona Seattle, Washington, became a prosperous port city during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897. Sioux City, Iowa Tombstone, Arizona Texarkana, TX/AR Virginia City, Nevada, silver-mining boomtown, 1860s Wenatchee, Washington and other towns in the area are currently undergoing massive electrical infrastructure growth to support bitcoin mining due to the cheap local electricity Wentzville, Missouri Williston, North Dakota, oil

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