Марш Турецкого - Netflix

Thu 27 June 2019

Марш Турецкого - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2000-10-15

Марш Турецкого - Alexander Lenkov - Netflix

Alexander Sergeyevich Lenkov (Russian: Алекса́ндр Серге́евич Ленько́в; 17 May 1943 – 21 April 2014) was a Soviet-Russian film, stage and voice actor. He is probably best known for his voice acting in animated films and dubbing the foreign movies to Russian. He is the Russian voice of Mundungus Fletcher in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010). Alexander Lenkov was born in the town of Rasskazovo in Tambov Oblast, Russia, in 1943. His family soon moved to Moscow where he had lived ever since. In 1961–64 studied at the school-studio of Yuri Zavadsky at the Mossovet Theatre. Upon graduation Lenkov became an actor of the Mossovet Theatre. Lenkov was a character actor whose career spanned over five decades. He starred in over a hundred feature and television films and in over 60 theatre productions. Taught at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (a.k.a VGIK) in 2004–2014. In 2001 he received two TEFIs for his work on television. Was awarded the Honored Artist of Russia in 1980 and the People's Artist of Russia in 1997.

He was married to his childhood sweetheart Elena from early 1960s until his death. The couple had a daughter Ekaterina (b. 1969) together. Lenkov died from a long illness on 21 April 2014 in Moscow, aged 70. He was buried at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery in Moscow.

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1964 — Uninvented Story (Непридуманная история) as Felix Fonyakpv 1964 — Spring Troubles (Весенние хлопоты) as Radik 1964 — The Keys of Skies (Ключи от неба) — Semen Lagoda 1965 — Give me a complaints book (Дайте жалобную книгу) as Pavlik 1966 — Royal Regatta (Королевская регата) as Lyonya 1971 — Bat'ka (Батька) as Sashok 1972 — We Wait You, Boy (Ждём тебя, парень) as Petka 1973 — Break a Leg! (Ни пуха, ни пера) as Petr 1973 — Vasili Tyorkin (Василий Тёркин, TV) as Vasili Tyorkin 1974 — Teens in the Universe (Отроки во Вселенной) as Executor Robot 1974 — Unforgotten Song (Незабытая песня) as Kurchonok 1974—2013 — Yeralash (Ералаш, TV show) — different characters 1975 — '29 Spring (Весна двадцать девятого) as Maksim 1975 — Circus in the Circus as Alyosha 1976 — Secret, For All The World Only (По секрету всему свету) — Deniska's dad 1976 — Mark Twain Stories (Рассказы Марка Твена) as reporter 1976 — Soldier And Mother (Солдат и мать) as Soldier 1977 — Vacation, Which Did Not Take Place (Отпуск, который не состоялся) as Andrey Ukhtomski 1978 — Schedule For After Tomorrow (Расписание на послезавтра) as Igor Nikolaevich 1979 — Spring Olympic Games, Or Chorus Chief (Весенняя Олимпиада, или Начальник хора) as Ryzhkin 1980 — And Endless Battle... From The Alexander Blok Life (И вечный бой... Из жизни Александра Блока) 1980 — Extraordinary Circumstances (Чрезвычайные обстоятельства) as Sasha Kulagin 1981 — Ugly Elsa (Безобразная Эльза, TV) as Pertti Oras 1982 — Take Him Alive (Взять живым) as Ptitsyn 1982 — Whose You Are, Old Stuff? (Вы чьё, старичьё?) as Valerian 1983 — Black Magic And White Magic (Магия чёрная и белая) as Valentin Dmitrievich 1983 — Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Usual and Incredible (Приключения Петрова и Васечкина, обыкновенные и невероятные) as Strange Yardman 1984 — Makar The Pathfinder (Макар-следопыт) as Timofei 1985 — Winter Cherry (Зимняя вишня) as Veniamin 1986 — Snow Queen Mystery (Тайна Снежной Королевы) as Snowman 1987 — Mysterious Inheritor (Загадочный наследник) as Gryaznov 1988 — Little Vera (Маленькая Вера) as Mikhail Petrovich 1988 — Island of Rusty General (Остров Ржавого генерала) as Robot Baba Yaga 1989 — There Are Dark Nights In The Sochi City (В городе Сочи тёмные ночи) as Lena's father 1989 — The Village of Stepanchikovo And Its Inhabitants (Село Степанчиково и его обитатели) as Yezhevikin 1989 — Cowberries In The Forest (Во бору брусника) as Kirill 1990 — Sanit Zone (Сэнит зон) — Zykin 1991 — Talking Monkey (Говорящая обезьяна) as Maryin 1991 — Funeral On Second Floor (Похороны на втором этаже) as Burry 1991 — Devil Incarnate (Исчадье ада) as Heinrich 1992 — Good Night (Доброй ночи) as Slavik 1992 — Spiderweb (Паутина) as Grisha 1992 — Tractor Drivers 2 (Трактористы 2) as Muscovite 1993 — No Tricks, Please! (Давайте без фокусов!) as Customer 1993 — Love Desire (Желание любви) as Guest 1993 — Silence Code (Кодекс Молчания 2) as Makarov 1993 — Idiot's Dreams (Мечты идиота) as Croupier 1993 — About Foma The Businessman (Про бизнесмена Фому) as Comrade Basurmanov 1994 — Winter Cherries 3 (Зимняя вишня 3) as Veniamin 1995 — Tram In Moscow (Трамвай в Москве) as tram technician 1995 — On the Corner, Near by Patriarch Ponds 2 (На углу, у Патриарших-2, TV series) as Arkady 1996 — Agape (Агапе) — Pasha 1996 — Return of Battleship (Возвращение броненосца) — episode 1996 — Pages of Theater Parody (Страницы театральной пародии) — Pierre d'Aurebour 1996 — Strawberries (Клубничка, TV series) as Belyanchikov 1998 — Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy (Князь Юрий Долгорукий) as Poacher 1998 — The Barber of Siberia (Сибирский цирюльник) as Scientist 1999 — Directory of Death (Директория смерти) as Astrologist 2000 — Turetski March (Марш Турецкого) as Spirin 2001 — Drakosha and Co. (Дракоша и компания) as Konovalov 2002 — Ha! (Ха!, TV series) 2002 — Provincialists (Провинциалы, TV series) as Director 2002 — Brigada (Бригада, TV series) 2002 — Bad Habit (Дурная привычка) as Surgeon 2002 — Alexander Pushkin (Александр Пушкин) 2003 — Dark Horse (Тёмная лошадка) as Adam Borisovich 2003 — Siberia Girl (Сибирочка) 2003 — There is an Idea (Есть идея) 2004 — That Queen of Spade (Эта пиковая дама, TV) as Marek 2004 — Reflections (Отражения) 2004 — Thieves and Prostitutes. Space Flight Is the Prize (Воры и проститутки. Приз — полёт в космос) 2004 — Hello, Dweeb! (Hello, Дохлый!) 2005 — The Check Kiss (Контрольный поцелуй) 2005 — War Man (Человек войны) as Urban 2006 — What Woman Wants (Чего хочет женщина) 2006 — The Pursuit of the Angel (Погоня за ангелом) as Homeless 2006 — Paparazza (Папараца) as Aleksey Alekseevich 2006 — Dad The Handyman (Папа На Все Руки, TV series) as Neighbour 2006 — Big Girls (Большие девочки) as Isaac Newton or Saveliy Piskunov 2006 — Happiness Rails (Рельсы счастья, TV series) as Old man 2008 — Yermolovs (Ермоловы, TV series) as Castle ward 2009 — The Book of Masters (Книга мастеров) as senior gem-cutter 2009 — Bullet is Fool 2 (Пуля-дура 2. Агент почти не виден) as Pavel Nikitich 2010 — Toys (Игрушки, TV series) as Leopold Dormidontov 2010 — Detective Samovarov (Сыщик Самоваров, TV series) as Yefim Moiseyevich 2010 — Flowers From Liza (Цветы от Лизы) as Khariton 2011 — Caramel (Карамель, TV series) as Lev Radkovich 2012 — Interns (Интерны, TV series) as Natan Kupitman 2012 — Da Girlz (Деффчонки, TV series) as Viktor Borisovich 2013 — Teacher In Law (Учитель в законе, TV series) as Grey-haired

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